Duckman’s Pools LLC

Why Buy an Aqua-Tru Premium Liner Instead of a Low-Cost Commodity Liner?

  • 30%-60% heavier in both weight and thickness
  • Same weight and thickness on both the sidewall and the bottom
  • Made of a heavier vinyl material and will last 50%-90% longer
  • Protect the sidewall and bottom of the liner from tears, rips, punctures and holes
  • With higher levels of plasticizer, will remain flexible throughout the life of the liner, providing wrinkle-free installation and minimizing UV fading
  • Typically last 6-10 years Aqua-Tru liners are measured in mil, a true measurement

Don’t be confused by the liner gauge “games” played with most commodity liners. Some will call their liner 20 gauge when they only measure 10 mil. Example: An 18′ printed vinyl commodity liner Perma 2000 series weighs 41 lbs. and is marketed as 20 mil.

Perma 2500 series weighs 46 lbs and is marketed as 25 mil.

An Aqua-Tru 18′ printed vinyl liner weighs 58 lbs. and is a true 15 mil liner.