Nothing Compares To An Oxygen Pool!!

Oxygen Pool System

Oxygen Pools
  • Are Safe
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Effective Way to Sanitize
  • Gentle on Swimmers
  • Extremely Aggressive on Bacteria and other Containments
  • Plus Affordable Too
  • Completely Chlorine Free
  • Easy to install
  • No Stablizer needed

The 2 Step Weekly System

  • Balance Pool
  • Formula 0 Shock
The Alternative To Chlorine and Salt Chlorine Pools!

Any viable water treatment program requires a residual level of oxidizer in pool water along with a regular shock treatment as part of a complete water treatment program.

Here’s how the Oxygen Pools program works to fulfill those requirements:

1. First, the Oxygen Pools Dynamic Oxygen Generator automatically oxidizes contaminants in the water as it feeds ozone into the pool water.

2. Ozone that is not used for initial oxidation is forced deep into the water using our high velocity generator where it forms a safe residual level of hydrogen peroxide. This is accomplished automatically whenever the generator is running.

3. Then we add a weekly dose of Formula “O” non chlorine Oxidizing Shock to burn off any excess organic buildup in the water due to heavy rains, winds or high bather loads. Formula “O” is a blended formula that simplifies water treatment with one easy treatment rather than adding three or four different treatments to shock, clarify and prevent stains and scale on pool surfaces.