Duckman's Pools LLCWhat is it?

Common “green” algae are microscopic, aquatic plant-like organisms and can be free-floating or wall clinging. Algae grow in salt or fresh water and thrive in temperatures above 85°F. In fact, it can “bloom” overnight. Algae spores constantly enter pool by rain, wind, animals, toys or swimsuits and left unchecked, can clog filters and create surface damage.

To Kill Green Algae:

  • Use Banish® as it kills all types of swimming pool algae.

5 Steps to Prevent Algae Growth:

1. Maintain a sanitizer residual of 1-3 ppm

2. Do an initial and weekly application of a preventative algicide (such as Backup 2)

3. Shock routinely

4. Make sure there is adequate circulation and filtration

5. Brushing surfaces is vital!