Above Ground Pool Industry Overview

Historically, the above ground pool industry was viewed as the second-rate option to in-ground pools. Often consumers were left feeling neglected by pool dealers with no place to turn. That all changed in 2001 when Richard Boulette founded Duckman’s Pools LLC. With over 14 years of experience in the above ground pool industry, Richard Boulette recognized that there was an enormous lack of concern for above ground pool customers. He founded Duckman’s Pools LLC on the premise that above ground pool customers deserved the same level of attention as their in ground counter-parts. In fact, he believed that he could take personalized service even further for these customers. 

This included bringing pool samples right to our customer’s home. Mapping out our customers yards and explaining in detail what is to be expected beyond purchasing a new pool. Including showing actual pictures of similar yards with pools that we build during the building process. We explain how much your existing yard will be disturbed and what to actually expect before you even purchase a pool.

Duckman’s Pools LLC is so confident with the products that we sell and the fair prices, we never pressure you to purchase a pool during this visit. We understand that some discussion may need to be done before you commit to such a project. We firmly believe that no one should be pressured to make such a purchase and we believe when someone does commit to a project with Duckman’s Pools LLC it will go smoothly, since no one was given false promises and our customers were fully informed as to what is entailed.  

In 2007, Duckman’s Pools LLC opened our first location to the public in Worcester, providing computer water analysis using the latest state-of-the-art water testing equipment, provided by Bio-Guard pool chemicals. We are also able to test total chlorine levels on site.

In 2015, Duckman’s Pools LLC opened our full store and showroom located at 9 South Main St in Leicester, Massachusetts. This new improved location is more centralized to our customer base, allowing better parking and easier access for our customers. We enlarged our computer water testing stations doubling the amount of water that can be tested at one time. We brought in more staff to assist the customers more efficiently allowing us to spend more time with our customer water needs. This location has a full Spa showroom and a wide selection of toys and floats.

Duckman’s Pools LLC is known for the quality of products we carry and this same research has been implemented to select unique and quality floats and toys at fair prices.

Revolutionizing the Way Above Ground Pools are Sold and Installed

Duckman’s Pools LLC has revolutionized the way above ground pools are sold and installed for a number of reasons. First, unlike traditional pool companies, Duckman’s Pools LLC offers pool purchase and installation in one package. Second, Duckman’s Pools LLC conveniently brings pool shopping to your doorstep with their showroom on wheels. This means that all pool, decking and liner samples are available in the mobile showroom. Also, your yard is surveyed and recommendations for the appropriate pool size are all part of the free estimate reducing the amount of hassles after the pool is installed.

Duckman’s Pools LLC sells only the highest quality above ground pools at the best market prices. We are an authorized dealer for the following: Doughboy Pools, FOX Pools, Former Esther Williams, and Bio- Guard Chemicals for the best chemicals money can buy. In addition to the manufacturer’s warrantees, should you have a problem with one of our pools, Duckman’s Pools LLC is an authorized warranty center.

Duckman’s Pools LLC deliver chemicals right to your home. We offer pool openings, closings and all above ground pool service. We provide home water analysis for all of our customers and service all of Worcester County.